Dog Paddling Across the Bluegrass

Written by Leigh Anne Florence

Illustrated by Chris Ware

Podcast by Scott Johnson

Sponsored by KPA

Chapter 1 Activities

Chapter 1 Podcast

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In Chapter 1 Activities, we asked readers to predict why Woody was upset at the end of the chapter. Here are some answers we've received:

"We made predictions and here are a few: We think the boat might be a toy boat. We think Woody might not be able to make it there in time. Woody might not be able to drive the boat."

Mrs. Gray's Fourth Grade Reading Class

Sturgis Elementary

Union County, KY

"Our 3rd and 4th grade class thinks we know what the problem is in Chapter 1. Woody is nervous about fishing, causing him to get butterflies in his stomach, which will cause lack of adequte sleep. Without enough sleep he may not have enough energy to win in the tournament.

Mrs. Baize 3/4 class

Rich Pond Elementary

Warren County, KY